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About The Author


As a child, the greater world was paramount in my curiosity. I coveted every glimpse into the foreign; The Spanish castanet dancing exhibition at my elementary school, which filled my dreams with pulse-quickening music and many layered skirts. An evening at the Thai Room, where dinner was never long enough to fully admire the fabrics, the ornaments, and the musical lilt of words unknown. Postcards spied on refrigerator doors captivated me. What must life be like there, I wondered. I suppose I never got over it.

When I met Stephan, he inspired me. From the start of his working life, he blazed a path as independent as it was ambitious, with room for change and exploration. When opportunity arose, I took a page from his book and did the obvious/terrifying thing: I sold all my stuff and left my comfortable San Francisco life.

While building the life of our wander-loving dreams, we want to forge and maintain community: to the loved ones we miss and to others explorers, whether traveling in their day to day or in their daydreams. So, let's be pen pals. As a die-hard paper correspondence romantic, I feel a touch guilty for going digital but I'm giving it a try. I hope you'll feel like reading these even if they don't stick so easily to the front of your fridge.